Dr. Freeze® is the world's 1st dedicated CoolSculpting Center. This means we focus on one thing: freezing away fat cells with a 35-minute non-surgical procedure that delivers long-lasting results.


Dr. Food specializes in helping patients who have failed on other diets. We provide physician supervised, NON-surgical medical weight loss programs that can help you lose weight and keep it off.


Dr. Vigor instantly delivers vitamins, antioxidants, and hydration through your veins and is convenient and effective! This allows your body to perform at its optical function!


Dr. Flex sculpts your body and builds muscle. Combine Dr. Flex with Dr. Freeze® CoolSculpting for Hyper Sculpting® - the ultimate way to achieve a dramatic transformation.


Restore your youth and always step out in style with Dr. Neo! Achieve Hair Restoration with NeoGraft, PRP, and Stem therapy.


Smooth M.D. specializes in keeping your skin looking young and healthy. Best of all, our medical-grade treatments deliver results that non-medical providers could only dream of.

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